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Dolphin Cove, Key Largo

Dolphin Cove is a nature paradise where dolphins frolic about in the serene waters off the Florida Keys. Located in Key Largo, Dolphin Cove provides visitors the opportunity to learn about and interact with these intelligent and playful marine mammals. With a natural lagoon that opens to the Florida Bay, Dolphin Cove’s pristine setting is a playground for both humans and dolphins alike. Open to the public practically year round, opportunities to interact with and learn about dolphins abound.

What to Expect
All dolphin swim programs are by appointment only and tickets must be purchased by telephone. There are three dolphin programs from which to choose: 1. Structured Dolphin Swim, 2. Natural Dolphin Swim, 3. Dolphin Wade Encounter. There are minimum age and height requirements for each program offered at Dolphin Cove.

In addition, Dolphin Cove offers a Trainer for the Day program. Age restrictions do apply.

Hours of Operation
Structured Swims are held at 9:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:30pm. Natural Swims are offered at 9:45am. Dolphin Wade Encounters are offered at 1:00pm and 3:30pm. The Trainer for the Day program begins at 8:00pm and concludes at 12:00pm.

Admission Cost
The cost of Structured Dolphin Swims during the peak season for adults is $185 and $165 during the non-peak season. Natural Dolphin Swims cost $125 for adults. A combination of a Structured Dolphin Swim and a Natural Dolphin Swim during peak seasons costs $250 and non-peak season costs $240. For both the Structured and Natural Swims, there is a $20 fee for each adult observer, a $15 fee for children ages 7-12, and children under 7 years of age are free. The Dolphin Wade program costs $125 per participant, and $10 per observer. The Trainer for a Day program costs $300 for each participant.

How to Get There
From the north, take the Florida Turnpike to Key West. Pass the Key Largo Resort at Manatee Bay Motel on the right and the entrance will be within approximately one block. From the south, watch for Tarpon Basin Drive and the entrance will be on the left.

While here, be sure to check out the famous Caribbean Club.