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Disney World Vacations: Our Insider Tips Save You Time & Money

There is so much to Disney World and its surrounding parks, shops, and resorts that it should be a mini country. There are entire books written just on planning your vacation to Disney. Such books have entire chapters filled with tips for getting deals and saving money, but we have something even better. We have a source on the inside! Our source who shall remain nameless has provided us with a few hints, tips, and tricks for you to get the most out of your trip to Disney World.

FASTPASS – Get as many tickets as you want

I know what you are thinking; everyone knows about FASTPASS. So, what is the big secret you ask? Well did you know there’s a “hack” that lets you print out as many FASTPASS tickets as you want? Here is how it works:

There is a button on the backside of the FASTPASS machine that allows you to print out multiple passes to rides. Push the button down first, then insert your ticket. FASTPASS is a free service once you are inside the parks already. It allows you to wait in line for rides, without actually being there, by giving you a “return time” to show up and get on the ride. But, the fault is that you can only get one at a time (for one ride at a time). This little trick allows you all the FASTPASSes your heart desires without restrictions to one at a time. Each person has to insert their ticket to print out their FASTPASS.

Parking – Park and ride for free

Next to the overpriced water and food in theme parks, parking has to be the biggest rip off about theme parks. Really, who wants to pay $12 to park? Some hotels offer free shuttle services, but if you aren’t so lucky don’t worry, we have a trick for that too. Here’s how it works:

Park at the Boardwalk Resort and tell the parking lot attendant that you are eating at either; the ESPN Club, Spoodles (if it’s early in the day) or the Flying Fish. From the Boardwalk Resort, you can either; walk to Epcot, take the boat to MGM or a free bus to the Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

When to Go – Least busiest day of the week

Most people would think that the weekends are the busiest times to visit the park. This is only half true. Believe it or not, Saturday is the lightest day of the week. Why you ask? Most people are either just getting to the area or are leaving the area. This, making it one of the least crowded days of the week to visit the parks.

When Not to Go – Stay away from the crowds

Whatever you do, stay away from the parks during the holidays, especially holiday weekends. The crowds during these times are insane, not to mention that prices are higher during these times.

Don’t Buy the Water – Bring your own

Talk about a rip off! A bottle of water at the park can cost upwards of $5. Save yourself some money and give back to the environment by bringing your own water in one of those refillable aluminum water bottles. Non-eco-friendly types should grab a few bottles at the gas station and tuck them away into your bag. Or, buy some of those water bottle slings before you visit the park. That way you wont have to worry about a bag just for your water.

When to Buy Tickets – When prices are the lowest

Ticket prices generally go up every year. This price change usually takes place in early August, so if you can, buy tickets before then. Florida residents also get lower ticket prices, so you may want to ask a friend or relative to pick them up for you. The prices usually go up the first Sunday of August

Free Transportation – Free ride to your Disney resort

If you’re flying in to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and staying at a Disney Resort, take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express. This is a free transportation service from the airport to the Resort.

Free Hotel Upgrades – Get a better room for free

When making reservations at one of the Disney resorts it is pretty easy to get an upgraded suite. All you have to do is ask. Just call the Disney Reservation line and ask if there are any invitational upgrades or specials. These will allow you to stay in a moderate resort for little more than the price of a value, or in a deluxe resort for little more than the price of a moderate.

Save Money on Your Flight – Fly then drive

If possible, fly in to the Tampa airport. This only adds about 45 min to your drive, but you can usually find a cheaper flight to Tampa than to Orlando.

Get a Wheel Chair – A free pass to the front of the line

If a member of your party is in a wheelchair you can skip to the front of the line every time. Who says the person actually has to need the wheelchair?

Cheap Basted – For the extreme cheapskate

If you are out to dam the man, you can do so at the quick service restaurants. Most of these have fully stocked self service toppings bars. A thrifty park visitor could make a decent meal out these.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our insider, money-saving tips for visiting Disney World. If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends and social media networks you frequent such as StumbleUpon, Digg & Delicious.