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Discovery Cove Orlando

2856722853_b1a72e2cd1At Discovery Cove in Orlando you can actually swim with the dolphins! What’s not to like about that? Where else can you go to get that close with nature? This is the perfect destination for a hot summer day for sure. You can let the kids go snorkeling with sea life, while you and your spouse take a day of resting on the beach. If you feel up for it, you can always go for a relaxing swim in the pool with your children as well.

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What to Expect

This is a great educational experience for kids and parents of all ages. Your children will understand the conservation of wildlife and will gain a new respect for these sea life animals that call Discovery Cove home. If anyone in your Family loves tropical fish this is the place to go. Where else can you swim with over 1,000 of them? View the beautiful coral reefs and grottos around the park. You will find so much to do within these 30 acres of wildlife.

When you arrive at Discovery Cove you will be presented with numerous things to do. Upon entering you will need to select the package you want. More of the expensive packages are all inclusive, including food and gear.

If you feel like swimming, put on your snorkeling outfits and go swim with the thousands of exotic fish. The views underwater are breathtaking because of the beautiful colors and huge variety of tropical fish. After marveling at all of them, get out and let the tropical birds eat right out of your hands. There is a tropical river that runs around the coral reef and you are invited to float in while taking in all the wonders of this exciting experience.

If you do not feel like snorkeling head over to the resort pool and just swim at your own leisure. When you are done with this you can take a short relaxing nap in a tree swing on the beautiful clear beach.

If you are getting hungry grab your Family and head over to the Laguna grill. Here you can pick from multiple items for your Family to choose from. If you are Vegetarian they have that covered they even have kosher meals available if you like. They request you call ahead of time if you will be requesting Vegetarian or Kosher meals during your visit.

The highlight of the whole visit for most is the chance to swim with the Dolphins. This is an experience that so few people will get to do in their lifetime, and it is highly recommended. You will be able to grab onto the dolphins fin as he takes you for a ride around the pool. You will also learn about communication and interaction with these magnificent creatures. Your day will not be complete without visiting the dolphins.

Tips for Visiting

When planning your vacation to Discovery Cove Orlando, make sure you book early. During the seasonal and Holiday months the Dolphin attraction can be booked up 2 months in advance. This is one of the main attractions and you definitely do not want to miss it.

Don’t forget your swimsuit! It is highly likely you will be in the water this is where most of the attractions take place. It is also recommended that you bring water socks or rubber shoes. You will be more comfortable walking around the park between attractions if you have these on.

Discovery Cove may get crowded at different periods, but take your time to enjoy everything. This is different from a major park and can be a very relaxing and education experience if you let it. At the different attractions take everything in and enjoy yourself during your visit.

Don’t worry about any of the swimming gear it will all be provided for you. You will even receive a sample of sunscreen that is proven safe for all wildlife at Discovery Cove. When you visit just remember to relax and have fun!