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Choosing between a Disney cruise and a vacation at Disneyworld

disney-cruiseTravelers have a lot of choices when it comes to spending a dream vacation. Visiting the magical world of Disney is a dream come true for kids of all ages and many families look into planning such holidays.

When trying to come up with the best solution for a family vacation, you should consider both family cruise deals and spending the vacation at one of the Disney resorts.

Reasons to choose a Disney cruises :

  • Value: the price includes the cabin, dining and some entertainment
  • Activities: there are numerous activities available for the kids and there aren’t many chances they’d get bored
  • Variety: you get to visit quite a lot of places along the way
  • Pampering: regardless of the cruise you choose, you’ll get pampered with all the services needed all the time
  • Simplicity: just board and relax. No need to worry about what you’ll be doing the next day because at least part of the activities is pre-planned. And you won’t need to spend too much extra cash either.

Reasons to choose Disneyworld hotels :

  • Long(er) trip: if you want a long vacation, Disneyworld offers a variety of theme parks, two water parks and a shopping district. So you’ve got a lot of things to do.
  • Control the cost of accommodation and flight: choose a room only reservation and book the flights to Orlando separately. If you saved some miles, that’s even better.
  • Control the cost of meals: if you choose a studio or apartment with kitchen, you can enjoy some home-cooked meals and hence reduce the cost and eat healthier. More so, you can pack healthy snacks and take a nice break to enjoy them while you visit the parks (instead of just rushing to the first fast food or ice cream stall).
  • Choose when to visit the parks: sometimes the parks are open only for the resort guests (the “Extra Magic Hours”). Take advantage of that and spend the time there when it’s not extremely crowded.