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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

stpatsThe beautiful beaches,  exciting attractions, delicious dining (oh, that seafood!) and lively nightlife of Florida are no secret to residents and are just a few of the reason that visitors head down south all year round.

One of the busiest times of year for tourism in Florida is around Spring Break in March and April. Because of the influx of visitors (or “snow-birds” as those who come down for the winter are often called), many Florida residents are looking to escape the crowds at this time.

One great idea for a March escape from Florida is to head in the opposite direction of the crowds: north. It’s a good time to score cheap flights to Boston (the city is just starting to thaw from the winter, so crowds are few and prices are low), plus St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and Boston knows how to celebrate the holiday in style.

Topping nearly every list of where to go for St. Patrick’s Day, Boston is home to a large, loud and proud Irish population and hosts a huge St. Paddy’s Day parade every year.

You can still find cheap hotels in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day, as those that haven’t sold out will be looking to fill rooms at the last minute at low rates. It may be cold up north in Boston, but the St. Patrick’s Day spirit (okay, with the help of some green beer) is sure to keep you warm.

Photo by greenmelinda