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Car Rental

If you aren’t driving to Florida like majority of Florida’s visitors do, then a rental car is must. If you are on a summer tight budget, you can probably find a hotels that is near the airport and the theme parks that offer shuttle service, but this can sometimes cause more headaches than its worth.

Your best bet is to arrange for a rental car to meet you are your hotel or airport. I suggest having one meet you at your hotel so that you don’t have try to navigate your way out of the airport and become immediately immersed in the highway, freeways, and turnpikes of Florida.


Unlike hotels, prices for rental cars are about the same just about anywhere you go. No matter if you book your car rental at the airport or go to the closest car rental place near your hotel, the prices will be about the same.

All of the car rental agency have about the same prices. The difference in price from one car rental company to the next is usually only do to small perks like air fresheners, XM radio, and other things that don’t really matter.

Car Rental Tips

If you are unsure of what size car you need, always get the smallest size that will work for you. If you reserve the smaller size and the car rental place is out of that size when you get there, odds are they will bump you up to a larger car for the same price as the smaller one.

If your car rental doesn’t come with a GPS, see if you can rent one. If you aren’t used to driving a round a large city or an area with lots of ramps, interstates, and freeways; driving in Florida can be a little overwhelming. A simple GPS will go a long way in preventing missed turns, road rage, and headaches.