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Cafe TuTu Tango

If you ever find yourself in Coconut Grove or Orlando, Florida in search of great food, tasty drinks, and a hell of an entertaining night look no further than Café TuTuTango. The café is delightful retreat from the average night out.

The restaurants are designed to model a Spaniard artist’s loft and aim to provide, “food for the starving artist”. The menu is made up of Tapas ranging in a variety of ethnic cuisine from a simple pizza, seafood skewers, or vegetarian dishes. The bar menu breaks the mold with many signature drinks that will kick a Mojito’s ass any day. The best of the drinks is the homemade Sangria which can be purchased by glass or bottle. However, if you are a beer drinker have no fear. Café TuTuTango is often times acquiring new, unheard of brews and putting them on special.

The restaurant is a great place for a table for two or a party of twenty. Live entertainment can almost always be found at Café TuTuTango. Belly dancers, hip-hop dancers, Tango lessons, magicians, and a artists in every corner. The walls are adorned by art of all mediums that are open to purchase by customers. Many of the pieces found around the café are created right there at your table’s side by a local artist.

Planning a company get together, holiday party, sweet sixteen, or bachelorette party? Café TuTuTango is a great atmosphere for large parties. They have plans and menus that cater to your needs and party size.

Food and drink, prices are moderate to expensive. When you find yourself scanning the menu for something to try some of our favorites include the Duck Salad, the Cajun Chicken Eggrolls, Tuna Sashimi, and Truffles for desert. Remember, Tapas are appetizer size portions of great food – so order plenty. Its never too late to order more food at Café TuTuTango – the server will take food orders as long as you are seated.

Café TuTuTango can also be found in Hollywood, California and Orange County, California.

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