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Bus travel in Florida

Traveling by bus is a cheap and easy way to get around the USA and within each State. With a variety of bus companies servicing the routes, it’s impossible not to find what you are looking for, both in terms of budget and facilities.

The advantage of traveling by bus is that the bus station are almost always in the city center or very close to it, so you don’t need to pay additional money for getting to the city center (like when you fly).

Buses to/from Florida

Greyhound is the national bus company which connects Florida to other States. And since there is also Greyhound Canada, it’s impossible to travel to connect to Canadian cities as well. Tickets can be purchased online and the web only fare is always cheaper than the standard fare.

Buses within Florida

Greyhound also offers connections between cities in Florida. It’s downright impossible not to be able to find a connection between two cities in Florida and there are so many departures per day that planning on the spur of the moment is a delight. Book the tickets online to get the best fares.

American Coach Lines offer charter services between six cities in Florida: Jacksonville, Lake Worth, Miami, Orlando and Sarasota. It’s possible to find the fare only if you “get a quote” or contact them (phone or email).

Annett Bus Lines offers charter tour buses along the Florida’s highways. It’s definitely a top of the line service and the quotes can be obtained only by contacting the company (online form).

Gotobus.com is a luxury bus company which offers connections between the following cities in Florida: Key West, Marathon, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando. There are several departures per day. Tours are also available. Prices are available online and the tickets can be booked online.

Within the cities

Each city and county have their own network of public and private buses. In Fort Lauderdale , Broward County Transit (BCT) offers connections to other parts of the metropolitan area, while Sun Trolley services downtown, the beach and the convention center areas. Miami ’s bus system covers the entire city and also connects to BCT. LYNX bus service is the public bus operator in Orlando and serves the entire metro area.

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