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Best Vegan Restaurants in Orlando

Looking for a healthy place to eat? Or maybe you are just tired of how hard it is to find good vegan based restaurant. Lucky for you, Orlando has a large number of great vegan restaurants that is continuing to grow. Even luckier for you is that you came across this post! We have highlighted some of the most popular vegan friendly restaurants in the city of Orlando. If you know of any others, please add them in the comments section and we may eventually add them to this list.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

1vEthos Vegan Kitchen is a fully vegan restaurant that provides hearty vegan food with a social conscience. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant provides delicious organic food at very reasonable prices. Ethos also stocks a small selection of vegan beers and wines, as well as freshly made vegan bakery items. For entree’s, the Sheep’s Pie (a vegan Shepherd’s Pie) as well as the Pecan Encrusted Eggplant are delicious and highly recommended. All in all, Ethos Vegan Kitchen is a great and healthy vegan restaurant.
1235 N Orange Ave, #101
P: 407-228-3898.

Dandelion Communitea Cafe

2934906588_6e9dfa4816_mThis vegan cafe and teahouse serves up delicious vegan dishes at very reasonable prices. Dandelion tries to only use locally grown, organic materials in their cooking. In addition to their vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Dandelion prides itself on its 100% vegan tea menu of dozens of different types of teas. The cafe also has regular live music and art openings, giving local Orlando artists a chance to perform in this relaxed environment, as well as foster a true sense of community.
618 N Thornton Ave
P: 407-362-1864.

Black Bean Deli

While not a strictly vegan restaurant, this Cuban restaurant has some outstanding vegan dishes. Whether it is the vegan empanadas or vegan tamales, the Black Bean deli provides authentic Cuban dishes with a vegan twist to them. The prices here are relatively inexpensive as well. This Vegan take on Cuban cuisine can come as a welcome change to vegan salads and sandwiches, infusing some island flavor in vegan cuisine.
325 S Orlando Ave
P: 407-628-0294.

Khasiyat (formerly known as Rasoi)

This fully vegetarian Indian restaurant is vegan friendly, providing a number of vegan dishes in a traditional Indian styles. The restaurant has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet every day except Tuesday for less than $10, so you can try all of their delicious vegan dishes, without having to choose. While here, you should try the samosas.
852 Lancaster Road
P: 407-888-2147.

Sah Nevaeh (formerly known as The Grassroots Cafe)

This cart offers vegan hot dogs with 6 different types of vegan toppings in Downtown Orlando near a number of bars and other Orlando nightlife hot spots. Sah Nevaeh is also known for their vegan chili-cheese nachos, which are a must-have. The cart is open fall night until 3:30, perfect for a late-night vegan snack. Don’t bring plastic though; this hot dog cart is cash only.
114 N. Orange Ave, at Washington
P: 407-540-0795.

Garden Cafe

This fully vegetarian Chinese restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese vegan dishes. Garden Cafe uses soy-meat substitute to create vegetarian and vegan substitutes of authentic Chinese meat dishes. For instance, they use chopped mushrooms to replicate the duck in their mock Duck Sate. Located in Orlando’s Chinatown, the restaurant’s motto is, “Forgo the meat without giving up the taste” and it certainly lives up to its creed.
810 West Colonial Drive
P: 407-999-9799.

Caribbean Sunshine Bakery

For another delicious Caribbean twist on vegan cuisine, you should head to the Caribbean Sunshine Bakery. They have a large selection of mock meats and tofu dishes sure to please even the most discerning vegan palate. The vegan Jerk Chicken is highly recommended, and they even have a drive through for the vegan on the go.
4863 W Colonial Dr
P: 407-447-5444

Loving Hut

This fully vegan Chinese/Vietnamese chain restaurant receives ample praise from its customers, who laud the quick and helpful service, not to mention the delicious food. The Vegan Pad Thai and Fried Tofu are some of their entrees, and they offer a number of mock fish dishes, deliciously prepared. For dessert, the Loving Hut offers vegan cheesecake and organic coffees, among many other mouth-watering vegan cakes.
2101 E Colonial Dr
P: 407-894-5673

Café 118

This unique vegetarian restaurant uses only raw organic foods to provide both maximum taste as well as numerous health benefits. The restaurant promotes health not only within their food, but also within their family and community by using locally grown, organic ingredients. This interesting and new take on raw cuisine is not only good for your body, but also great for your taste buds. Some of the vegan offerings include the Avocado, Mango, and Shiitake Roll, with Soy and Picked Ginger, as well as Crispy Vegetable Summer Rolls with a spicy Macadamia Dressing.
153 East Morse Blvd.
P: 407-389-2233

Infusian Tea

While it may be best known for its organic coffees and teas, Infusian is also a great place to grab a bite. The Avocado Delight Wrap comes highly recommended. They also have over a hundred different types of organic tea, so there is definitely a flavor for everyone here at Infusian. The restaurant also hosts poetry readings, open mic nights, and live musical performances to compliment its food and drink.
1600 Edgewater Drive
P: 407-999-4255