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Best Dive Bars in Miami

2662017705_ce9b6d7e29It is no secret that Miami is filled with trendy dance clubs and chic bars. Those types of place are just fine if you are into that kind of scene, and many people in Miami are. But, if you aren’t into that sort of scene, you would probably rather squeeze a lemon in your eye than go to one of those paces for a drink. If you are like myself and enjoy a bar with a bit more personality, history, and atmosphere; you are sure to love any of the dive bars on this list. Everyone of the bars has been hand picked and are sure to be the exact opposite of all those loud and bright trendy bars on the strip.

Mac’s Club Deuce

Voted Best Dive Bar in Miami by Guidespot users, the Number 1 dive bar is Mac’s Club Deuce is the quintessential dive bar. Located at 222 14th Street in Miami Beach, patrons report that Mac’s is the best, diviest bar in Miami. This dive bar is very popular with the locals because of its anti-nightlife ambiance. The bar boasts a single pool table, a big screen TV and a jukebox, as well as some neon sculptures left behind from a Miami Vice shoot years ago. The bar is open late and the most interesting mix of clientele may be found in house at about three am – from trannies to bikers to yuppies. Stop in and meet the customers and crew. You may even see a celebrity or two at Mac’s Club Deuce awesome dive bar.


If you are looking for an English pub for your best dive bar in Miami, look no further than Churchill’s. This dive pub, committed to the local live music scene, has a reputation for being a chic and cool hangout. One great feature of Churchill’s is the record store in the back yard. Specializing in local music, as well as some selections from the national scene, the iconic record store is a favorite of local and visitors alike. Churchill’s is located at 5501 Northeast Second Street in Miami. The Miami blogs report that this dive bar is the best live venue for local and regional acts in South Florida. Come and support the local artists at Churchill’s.

Ted’s Hideaway

This dive bar is described as ‘extra-casual’ in reviews. The best dive bar in Miami for smoking, drinking and relaxing in a casual, laid-back environment, check out Ted’s Hideaway. Ted’s is located at 124 Second Street in Miami Beach. Come hide out with a few of the locals.

Automatic Slim’s

If a rock and roll dive bar is for you, then Automatic Slim’s would be a great choice for a dive bar in Miami. Drinks are relatively inexpensive – maybe a bit on the high side by dive bar price standards. But this bar has a choice crowd and plays amazing music. Automatic Slim’s is located in Miami Beach at 1216 Washington Avenue. Check out this classy little dive bar.

The Playwright Irish Pub

A South Beach institution, this dive bar in Miami is not as much a dive bar as a relaxed, yet beautiful authentic Irish pub. The décor features hand painted murals and beautifully crafted wood accents. The Playwright is a classic Irish pub complete with all the charms of the old country. In addition to authentic ales and drinks, The Playwright has a wonderful full menu available anytime. The Playwright is located at 1265 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. Irish eyes are always a-smilin’ at the Playwrights Irish Pub.

The Room

The Room is the dive bar in Miami that is hard to find! This little dive is moderately priced and has a great selection of beer and wine. Be prepared to spend a few minutes searching for it, but the address of The Room is 100 Collins Avenue., Suite 4 in Miami Beach. If you can find them, this little dive is a perfect get away.


Another popular spot with the locals, Blue could be considered the bluest of the dive bars in Miami. Electric blue along with more blue is the primary color scheme of this establishment. Laid back and priced right. When you are in Miami Beach, check out Blues at 222 Española Way. If you are blue, head on over to Blue.

Wet Willie’s

Cheap, fun and friendly is the motto of this dive bar in Miami – or it should be. Wet Willie’s serves knock your socks off frozen daiquiris and other icy treats at more than reasonable prices. Wet Willie’s is located at 760 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach – great for an after-beach stop.

Lost Weekend

If you are looking for some foosball, darts and video games, head on over to Lost Weekend – the best dive bar in Miami to play darts! To add to the attraction of this dive, drinks are super-cheap and made very well. Lost Weekend is located in Miami Beach at 218 Espanola Way. Lose yourself for a while at Lost Weekend.

Abbey Brewing Company

The best dive bar in Miami may just be this little European style microbrewery. Serving their own brands of ale, draft and wines, this little authentic pub is a great value for the price. Intimate and ‘divey’ and located at 1115 Sixteenth Street in Miami Beach.

Purdy Lounge

If cheap chic is more your style, try this dive bar in Miami for being posh and inexpensive at the same time. The crowd at Purdy Lounge is very sophisticated and the drink specials include Cosmos and martinis. An amazing selection of wines and imported beers. Chic and inexpensive! Purdy Lounge is located in Miami Beach at 1811 Purdy Avenue.