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If there is one thing there is no shortage of in Florida, its is a variety of accommodations to meet every budget. This plethora of accommodations makes it a “buyers market.” Spend an hour or so comparing accommodation prices on the major travel websites and you will surely save your self some big bucks.

Florida tends to be pretty busy year round, but obviously the warmer months of the year are the busiest. The only times of the year you may want avoid the major beaches in the state are durring the crazy time of year known as spring break.

The accommodations in Florida are as varied as their prices. From budget family motels to 5 star beach front resorts, you can find something that suits your needs and budget.

Here is a closer look at the accommodation in Florida so that you can know what to expect.


The major deciding factor in price for most hotels in Florida is location and view. The closer the hotel is to a particular attraction, the more expensive it will be. If said attraction is the beach, rooms with views of the ocean will be more expensive than those without a view. Prices will rise in the summer months and during particular holidays and events.

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Hostels in Florida are pretty much a thing of the past. However, there are a handful of hostels spread out across the state. Hostels here are usually not much cheaper than a budget motel. The average price of a hostel in Florida usually runs about $20 – $40 a night depending on location and time of year.

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There are tons of great resorts in all of the popular Florida destinations. Many resorts offer all inclusive packages or deals to nearby attractions. If you are going to spend the money on a resort, it is worth spending some time researching to see which ones offer the most bang for the buck.

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Vacation Rentals

If you are planning a large family vacation or an extended stay in Florida, you may want to look into vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are great for those looking to escape the Northern winter and spend the winter months at the beach. Vacation rentals are easy to find near the popular Florida destinations.

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