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A beach vacation in the South

Southern United States might be warm and nice year round but it’s still during summer that most travelers plan a vacation here. When we think about Florida, we think about spending time on the beach, spending time in nature and practicing water sports. And there are plenty of great beach towns in the South to choose from, all located in Florida: Rosemary Beach, Apalachicola and St. George’s Island, Daytona Beach and Key West.

Out of them, Key West attracts tourist with its nightlife, laid back atmosphere and superb sunsets. It is also the more culturally beach town in the area, thanks to the large community of artists who make Key West their home, at least for a season or two.

But to enjoy all that you first need to get here. Flights to Key West are not hard to find but since the airport is not hub for any airline, it will prove to be a bit hard to find bargain. Still, don’t give up and use the internet to search for flights.

Then, you need a cheap hotel in the Key West for your stay. Since Key West is one popular islands, the prices tend to be higher here than on the other islands. But , again, don’t give up. It’s possible to find cheap accommodation and use the rest of the money for some nature guided tours.

Key West is also a lovely destination for a honeymoon or an anniversary vacation. In this case you might want to sacrifice the activities and pay a bit more for a posh hotel. Then, grab some wine, cheese and finger food from the market and plan a picnic. Just the two of you.

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